What Is Internet?

The Internet also known as “The Net” is an interconnection of millions of computers through different technologies optical wired and wireless. It is the combination of different networks including private, public, government, health, and businesses connected to a single platform.

At the start of its origin, the internet was used only by the United States Department of Defense for multitasking and multi-programming. Today, it is used by billions of people around the world and is considered the most important need of daily life.

Every advancement in technology, business, medical, education and all departments is due to the internet we are getting today. In short, Internet is a way to connect people around the globe and help them share feelings online through the internet.

What is Internet Speed Test?

A network speed test is a way to test your connection’s data transfer rate. It contains 2 tests, download speed test that is data transferred from the server to your computer or mobile and upload speed test is that your computer transfer data to the server.

Internet Speed Test is a quick method to measure your broadband speed parameters. It helps you understand whether the internet is slow or your computer or mobile phone is causing problem while browsing online.

How Does My Speed Test Work?

There are various types of speed check like internet speed test, broadband speed test, wifi speed test, dsl speed test, cable speed test etc. However, the main concept of doing speed test is same that is to check your connection with the internet server.

There are two types of speed tests download and upload. In download speed test, you send a request for a specific file to download to your computer. The server accepts the request and download that file to your computer. In upload speed test, we upload/send a file from our computer to the server. This is how my speed test works.

Internet Speed Test Components

Each speed test tool result displays four components i.e. download speed, upload speed, ping, and jitter. Lets discuss what these components are one by one:

Download Speed: The download speed measures how quickly a file is downloaded to your device from the server. The process involves you send a request to the server, server accepts the request and response back with the file your requested to download.

Upload Speed: The upload speed is opposite to the download because it measures how quickly your computer send/upload file to the server over the internet connection. The process of uploading is your computer first send small size to the server and if server accept it, your computer sends complete file to the server.

Ping Speed: The ping test is measured in milliseconds. It indicates that delay of time your data takes while traveling to it’s destination. It is also known as latency. A good internet connection must not have latency check more than 100ms. Higher ping/latency like 200ms or 300ms are indicating your internet connection is not stable and you must call your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Jitter Speed: Same as ping, jitter is measured in milliseconds. It is the description of amount of inconsistency in ping/latency across the network. In simple words, it is the variation in time delay between the ping packet is transmitted and when it is received over the network. Both Ping and Jitter are used to measure the quality of your internet connection.

Some Factors That May Affect Your Internet Speed

There are many factors that affect internet speed such as old laptop or computer or you have a cheap internet connection. Not only that, there are many other things that could slower your internet speed.

Even if the internet providers says you will get consistent internet speed, there may still be some factors that can slower the internet connection. Let’s take example here:

During different weather conditions like sunny day, heavy rains, storms, and high winds, your internet connection will fluctuate. You can confirm it by doing speed test during such weather conditions.

If you have wired connection, there might be an issue of slow connection due to the cable damage by weather or moisture gets into connectors that makes them non-functional. There are many other factors depending on where you are living.

Internet Speed Test FAQ’s

The users of internet are in millions who are interconnected in a network. With huge amount of users, it is obvious that they will have different questions regarding their connection. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers that will let you solve any issue you may face in future or are facing currently. These FAQs also help you boost your internet speed and will let you understand exactly what is Internet.

Why Upload and Download Speeds are Different?

The difference you face in download and upload speed is because people love to download things and not to upload them. Moreover, the internet service providers have designed their internet connection structure that prioritize the downloading speed higher than uploading speed. So you can’t get higher upload speed in public or private internet connections.

What is Good Internet Speed?

Usually for browsing the internet speed between 2Mbps to 4Mbps is enough. But if you love streaming movies and shows in 720p, an internet connection with speed of 4Mbps to 6Mbps is good. For 1080p and 4k movies, an internet connection of 10Mbps to 15Mbps speed is required. Today with the advancement of technology and needs, high speed internet connections up to 1Gbps are also available.

Is 100 Mbps Fast?

100Mbps internet connection is fast enough to browse and live streaming or downloading movies or shows in 1080p to 4k. But still it is not extremely fast and is above most users internet connection speed. There are people who don’t need that much speed because it costs much but some need more than 100Mbps as they can afford.

Why is my Internet so Slow?

There are many possible factors for slow internet. To know the issue, you must do your internet speed test on our website or your ISP website. If it shows you have slow speed, try to reboot your router or again plug the cables in the router.

What Speed do I need for Netflix, Games, and Skype Meeting?

To get best experience in streaming movies or shows on Netflix or in zoom or Skype meeting, you need to have minimum of 15Mbps internet connection.

Ping vs Jitter – What’s the Difference?

Ping is a time that let you know how much time the server will take to respond back. In other words, it is a time for a ping packet to transfer to remote system and get back. On the other hand, Jitter is the time delay over the internet connection. It measures the amount of inconsistency in latency/ping across the network.

What is an Acceptable Ping for Streaming and Gaming Online?

If you have ever faced while playing game that other player comes quickly towards you or jumped on you, then it mean your ping or latency is high or other player ping is less. As ping is measured in milliseconds, the less it is the more good experience you will have while playing games or streaming movies. Below is ping/latency guide:

  • Fast Gaming: 0-59ms
  • Average Gaming: 60-129ms
  • Struggling: 130-199ms
  • Not Possible To Play: 200+ms

Why You Should Perform Speed Test With Us?

It depends on your interest whether you need to go with Internet service providers test or need some third party tests to verify the internet speed. It is good to test your internet speed with third party speed test tools to ensure that your internet service provider (ISP) is providing speed for what they are charging you or not. Are they reliable or not? Our Speed Test Tool is completely free and unbiased results. The results may vary due to some issues on your side that we have discussed above.

About My Speed Test Tool

MySpeedTest website is a reliable and dedicated internet speed tests tool. It let you test your connection wifi speed for free 100 of times. Our Speed Test tool works perfectly on all browsers and devices and is quite easy to use. Our broadband speed test tool perform test of your download, upload, ping and jitter speed and display the accurate results that we get while performing tests. So test your internet speed now with My Speed Test Tool.